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Brickorzo. Breaking the limits of creativity.

Brickorzo is an online social hangout where over 456 users get to hang out together, buy, sell and trade items, make new friends and so much more.

Tons of users!

Brickorzo has gained over 1,000+ users during its lifespan! There is alot you can do on Brickorzo, such as buying items, playing user made games, chatting on our forum, making new friends and so much more!

Non-stop growth!

That's right, ever since January of 2021, Brickorzo has never stopped growing! New users coming in everyday doing all of the activities mentioned!

No limits to creativity!

And we mean it! On Brickorzo, there are so many things to think about and to create that an uninspired person can become an inspired, full of ideas and creative person!

What are you waiting for? Join Brickorzo today!